Looking back at some of the best casinos in the world, it is Vegas where people dream of visiting to get to experience the gamble of their lifetime. However, during the early 2000s, Vegas has been surpassed by Macau which is now known as Gambling Capital of the World. How did this happen?

Monte Carlo of the East

Monte Carlo is the center for gambling and entertainment in Monaco. Just like this state in Monaco, Macau promises to give its players an adventure of a lifetime. With its prestigious and luxurious slot casino, players would get hooked just by the appearances and lights around them. Did you know that you can play your favorite slot at wizardslots? play the goonies return slot now and experience the thrill of gambling with just your fingertips.

Gambling Tourism

Macau has been appointed as a Special Region of the Republic of China in 1999. With easy access to transportation and a large number of people, it can cater, the gambling business in this place has boomed enormously. 50% of the economy’s revenue comes from gambling tourism. People around the world visit Macau not just because of its aesthetics but because of the casinos which are the main attraction for tourists. Your visit to Macau wouldn’t be complete without experiencing gambling in Macau.

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Macau has Private Rooms for VIP and High-Spending Customers

With its large casinos and big buildings, Macau has provided privacy to its VIP and high-spending customers. They get to play in an exclusive room where only they are playing. Macau assures its VIPs their safety while playing. VIPs get to play without the fear of being watched by the “commoners”. The exclusivity of their rooms also protects their identity from reporters who would do anything just to gathered info for their next news coop.

Lots of Game Variations

Because of the big buildings and establishments, Macau offers a wide range of game variations. Players have lots of choices for the games they want to play. You can even spend a whole day in Macau but you will still not be able to play every game due to the large area of the casinos.