About Gambling

Tracing back our history, gambling has always been on the negative side. However, not all your assumptions and perception is entirely true. Let us dig deeper into some of the most common perceptions our society has about gambling.

Gambling automatically leads to addiction

Not entirely true! Even the most harmless type of hobby can be an addiction, not just gambling. Let us put it this way. You like the taste of a hamburger flavor you once tasted. You bought another one. And another one. Until one day, you couldn’t live without tasting or even just sniffing the hamburger. Then, we can say that you have been an addict to the taste of it. The same goes for slots gambling. It just a type of hobby and recreation that we can control as a human being. It’s always about mind over matter.

Gambling leads to bankruptcy

Not entirely true! People who do not have control over themselves are the ones who get to experience bankruptcy. No one in their right mind would ALL of his savings in a casino game. If you are still doubtful about this, well, just bring small amounts of money when you visit casinos. Like I said, it is all about control and self-discipline.


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